EZYCON – The Easy Construction

UKB has introduced EZYCON a unique concept to reduce the overall construction cost. To give an insight into the concept, Mr. Balachandar explained, “If someone owns a piece of land and wants to construct an independent House / Villa / Bungalow, then EZYCON is their answer. The focus of EZYCON is to directly cut down the construction budget by 10% to 15% and make the entire construction process absolutely hassle free.” Adding further, Mr. Balachandar observed, “A majority of the customers who want to construct their independent houses are not well versed with the construction process and cannot afford to hire third party consultants. In such a scenario, EZYCON will help customers by providing a one-stop solution with good quality and transparency in construction process with single point contact.

EZYCON will provide its customers with the complete project roadmap. This way customers will be fully aware of the whole process which includes quality control, delivery schedule, total cost, materials used etc. EZYCON will drive the entire construction process starting from land survey, soil test, design, plan sanction, material procurement, labors/agency arrangement, quality control etc. During these stages, all the payments will be made directly by the customer after certification by EZYCON. EZYCON will provide its customers with a dedicated Engineer on site along with the Project Manager for any interactions that may be required round the clock. During the project, the customer will be updated with daily reports, stage - wise work progress Photographs, cash flow, quality reports etc