What we do

Land Surveying is a time-honored tradition linked to all acquisition activities, land development and civil engineering works. Our Land Surveyors blend time-proven practices and skills with the use of electronic total data stations, fully robotic instruments to deliver high levels of precision, increased production, and timely service.

Our Services

  • GPS Surveying
  • Topographic Land and Engineering Surveying
  • Landscape Design Topographic Survey
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • We offers a wide variety of surveying services to both the public and government sectors including boundary, topographic, right-of-way, construction, title surveys for both urban and rural properties. Correct marking of the foundations for new walls is important to ensure that foundations are the right size and in the correct position to take the load of the wall. Good foundations are important to ensure that no movement can take place - any movement will result in cracks and problems in the building that the foundation supports.